Thursday 3 January 2019

Coerced Confessions || 2018

What Makes Me Weird || D&AD Awards || 2018

Root - Find the Green Space || RSA Awards Entry || 2017-18

Nature has again and again been proven to improve people's moods. Through this research I came up with the concept of 'Root', a map and initiative that allows working people to explore their local green spaces during their lunch break which in turn will assist in maintaining wellbeing in the workplace and increasing overall productivity. The initial map would be set in Dundee, hence my illustrations that show some of Dundee's beautiful green spots.

The illustrations were picked up by a gallery in Dundee (Gallery48) and were on exhibition and for sale there from July to September 2018.

Thursday 14 June 2018

Magdalen || 2016-18

Throughout the year I have taken part in designing articles for our student magazine, the Magdalen. This has been interesting as it involves the designers being assigned an article that another student has written, and we have to create the visual for it. Over the year I have designed a range of spreads over a variety of topics, from Science to Crime Fiction. It’s been a great way at expanding my skills.

Hidden Typography || 2016

This is an up-market magazine based around the theme of ‘Hidden Typography’. I wanted it to have very strong photographs and typography, which I kept constant throughout the 5 pages we were required to design. I titled my magazine ‘Perspective’, and I found an article on how fonts can completely change and establish a mood, theme and identity of a city. 

Beauty In The Abandoned || 2016

I undertook a photography module in my third year of uni. It was very open, we just had to produce a series of images by the end.
I chose to theme my images around the theme of finding beauty in abandoned and old things. I visited a variety of derelict places around Dundee and these were the final ones.

Read All About It || 2016

Our university was holding an exhibition to celebrate author HG Wells. We were given the opportunity to create a 3 page A2 broadsheet highlighting a particular year in his life, where I got the year 1902. We also had to include inventions and news from our given year. 
The above was my final outcome. I wanted to contrast the black and white images with a pop of colour; the blue.